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Ana Teixeira
The winner of the contest:
‘History of real life about how to become beautiful’

Hello, dear readers. I liked to tell my story about how they can seek beauty so far and finally find her at home. Let us introduce ourselves. My name is Ana Teixeira, I am 47 years old and live in United States.

Here is my story.

Goji Cream ReviewOne day I got up, I saw myself in the mirror and burst into tears. Deep wrinkles on my forehead, huge nasolabial folds, some puffiness in the skin – it seemed like a cold and gray autumn was coming, but what the heart was needed to heat and light. For some reason, I remembered suddenly the story of a woman who had managed to rejuvenate the face in some spas in Tunis. In this former French colony, there are several experienced cosmetologists who use French blends. They are as good as the French, but two or three times cheaper. Therefore,

“I think I deserve to be beautiful, I do not deserve ?! I thought, and started looking for information about a trip to Tunis. In the first travel agency offered me a promotional trip ticket, less 50%! Briefly, two days later I was in the Hammamet resort, the largest center of Bio Azur spas. Local magicians immediately began to treat my face and body. I do not want to make you lose a lot of time to describe all involvements in algae and mud, the hot tubs and everything else. It would change the subject. I’ll tell you how they treated my face.

Treatment was conceived for 12 days. At first, they took a picture of my face so I could see the difference in aspect later. A luxurious chair cosmetology was waiting for me. I sat there and I began to delve into ecstasy. Was playing a quiet music, the air was filled with a pleasant aroma and a woman massaged me the face with an aromatic cream . The whole process took 15-20 minutes. He continued for 12 days. In the end – again a picture. Here, you can see the result.

Swelling under the eyes, wrinkles, nasolabial folds, all gone! With 15 years! He was shocked and amazed! My cosmetologist, who in years of practice have become accustomed to the euphoria of their patients, smiled softly to me. I remember the name of facial cream that has proved so effective. It was Goji Cream.

Of course, when I went back to Leiria, all my friends were estupefactas with my appearance. I was literally bombarded with questions! I told everything honestly, but deep down I felt … sad. Against the backdrop of the euphoria with my new face, suddenly I caught a sad look from my mother. I soon realized all at once. A woman is always a woman regardless of age. And at any age a woman wants to be beautiful. But sending a woman 71 years alone to Tunis was not an option. I asked why this cream in stores but no one had heard of it …

I found that these creams can also be ordered here.

He spent half a year. Suddenly, a miracle! I found a familiar name on the net – Goji Cream ! I read about him and beat all right. However the package was not the same, not like the one I had seen in Tunis. And the price is much more affordable. Maybe in Tunis they cover too much for the service? In short, I was in doubt but ordered the same! Because I knew how it was and saw how it worked! And if that were the real cream , I was full of luck!

The package was delivered in 5 days. I soon began treatment with my mother. Also I knew exactly what to do. Of course, I had no comfortable chair, music and aromatherapy this time. But Cream Goji worked anyway. In 12 days, my mother was 15 years younger. One year a day !!

Goji Cream ReviewHere are the results of my wor

Immediately ordered another 6 packages – for me, for my mother and a friend. Will give way, that’s right! Because I’ve never seen anything better to facial skin. The result is really fast. Splendid!

This is my story. I hope that my experience will be useful for many people. A woman should be beautiful at any age!

What Is Goji Cream?


These negative imperfections

Wrinkles are skin folds and grooves that arise in your face, neck, arms and other parts of the body. They arise because the connective tissues such as collagen elastin work and elastin, which are two of the most important parts of the human skin are damaged and can break.

INNOVATIVE FORMULA THAT DEALS withering skin problems

Ordinary products, which are used to smooth wrinkles just take care of the symptoms of the problem. Unlike them, Goji Cream is made based on a better technology that allows penetration of healthy ingredients deep into the skin layers, where they eliminate the age-related changes and facilitate the important processes of rejuvenation and renewal.


Wrinkles can be caused by weakened immunity, climate change, UV radiation, the body’s natural aging, skin dehydration, the use of the wrong cosmetics and facial cleansing improper technique. Goji Cream removes creases regardless of causal factors, and they will solve the problem once and for all.

HOW Goji Cream should be used?


Forehead Wrinkles are a direct consequence of our faces evident. They are also called “worry” start appearing, because they arise from feelings such as stress and anger.

Goji Cream Review

Month after use

Goji Cream Review

During operation

Goji Cream Review

Prior to use


“Crow’s-feet” near the outer edges of the eye. They are formed because the eye muscles become tense when a person smiles. Taking into account that the skin around the eyes is very thin, the first wrinkles appear often show up at this place, making a person’s face, tired or angry-looking.

Goji Cream Review

Month after use

Goji Cream Review

During operation

Goji Cream Review

Prior to use


Nasolabiaalisela area is large wrinkles that begin with the nose arm all the way to the edges of the lips. Poskirypyt are located on the sides of the lips. These wrinkles are vertical wrinkles above the upper lip and sometimes they also appear beneath the lower lip; wrinkles near the lip corners.

Goji Cream Review

Month after use

Goji Cream Review

During operation

Goji Cream Review

Prior to use


Goji Cream ReviewThe main ingredients

The cream contains Goji berries, lycopene, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, elements promoting the recovery of skin cells and various minerals in combination.


Its very rich content thanks to cream to facilitate the achievement of sustainable tuloksisen, wrinkles do not re-emerge and should not be setbacks. Facial and neck skin becomes smooth, elastic, refreshed and revived.

Who is it for?

It is suitable for women with light furrows that women who have deep wrinkles.

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I freed myself full of wrinkles in 3 treatments, even the deepest were won! It's a fairy tale, I'm not kidding! I'm glad you found this blog, thank you.
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