Bliss Hair Review – Best Hair Loss Solution, Benefits & Side Effects

Bliss Hair Review – Best Hair Loss Solution, Benefits & Side Effects

Without Treatment Haircut

Bliss Hair ReviewI think every woman who cares for her appearance has failed at least once … Failing to me could mean ¡¡¡ The total loss of my hair !!!

I’ve been dying my hair for a long time, since I was fifteen, and I do quite often, because I do not like the natural color of my hair, has no personality.

Before, I used to dye my hair in the salon, but it was very expensive and did not understand why I was paying so much!

In the first picture you can clearly see the state of my hair after dyeing: a dubious color, split ends. Before it looked really beautiful!

Bliss Hair ReviewHe was washing the dye my hair fell and turned red in a week. I had to buy special shampoos in the same hairdresser to enhance the hue of the dye, which had to pay almost 900 pesos , and in just three weeks had to go back to the salon for me tiñeran roots.

I decided I did not want to spend between 1,500 and 1,700 pesos per month only in my hair . I told a friend of mine who was doing a course in fashion design and offered to dye my hair at home. The effect was almost the same, but at least did not have to pay so much money for the work the stylist!

In a short time I managed to have a long, healthy hair CUTE!

My mom used to tell me decolorarme would ruin the hair , and every time I had it seemed more and more like a tow – but I was not worried at all. I bought a revitalizing ampoule made me Keratin treatment and for one month had hair that looked healthy .

That was how my hair looked after before (gastándome was half my salary, but no matter) … If someone had told me then that I could end up bald …

Bliss Hair ReviewThe disaster happened when everything was phenomenal, just before a romantic date. I wanted to look good, I called my friend and asked her to come to my house and I dyed the roots. But he could not come, she was busy with other things. No matter how many times I asked him to come, it did not fare as possible.

I could not believe my hair look like this … In fact, instead of hair looked like he had a broom in his head!
I want to thank you , my dear friend, for disappoint me at such a time. Then I thought no problem when dyed my hair myself. What could happen? I have hands, I can apply the dye myself, and that’s how I decided to dye my hair.
Almost BALD was trying!
After the first wash and application It had already lost half of my hair!

I applied the dye and decided not letting me 30 minutes, as usual, but by 40, just to be sure to completely cover the yellowish color.

The scalp was burning me! It felt like pepper instead of hair dye, but to be beautiful you have to make sacrifices. So I endured …

When I rinse the dye, I could not believe it . Even now I could not tell what I was wrong, maybe I put too much hydrogen peroxide, or let me dye for too long? It was clear like water instead of hair had a broom in his head!

My hair was really dry and wash it after secármelo, and after combing my hair, I felt that I had dropped at least half. I almost went crazy …

I called my friend, but she laughed and told me it was stupid, and there was hair mask to serve me, not even one of the most expensive. These masks only create a visual effect , it was like silicone cover my hair to make it look smooth and silky.

Hairdressing treatments were also useless. Only promised to restore damaged hair, and that only lasted three days at most.

My friend recommended me a unique solution: the special hair treatment lotion, Bliss Hair . Everyone in the salon where she works use this hair lotion, because basically it is the only treatment that actually works on damaged hair and recovering.

The result after three weeks of treatment with lotion and after two months!

Bliss Hair ReviewMy friend told me that all hair products moderately effective, which can be purchased at any store, contain some component of this lotion. And its effect is precisely those components . But these products are much more expensive.

Barbers have been aware of this for a long time, hence why all the expensive treatments such as bio-restoration and strengthening are based on this product. Just invent high – sounding names for these treatments and charge a lot of money for them.

Towards the end of the second week of continuous treatment with lotion Bliss Hair , I was able to recover, more or less, the natural state of my hair!

Even the hair dye product is based on, something I had never heard before.

Now I stop to think that my friend knew all these things and was never able to tell me! Of course, it is not suitable for stylists and hairdressers share this information with people, but somehow I could hear and immediately ordered a lotion Bliss Hair . I also wrote down the instructions for using the lotion, how and how much to apply each time. So I began, as I thought at first, a long and complicated way to recover my damaged hair

After a while I sent a list of ingredients lotion

Plant extracts (Fallopia multiflora, avocado) (active hair growth and protects it from ultraviolet rays)
Vitamins (reduces irritation and itching of the scalp, and helps restore hair)
Proteins (Prevents the fall hair and strengthens the hair follicle)
Minerals (stop hair loss)
herbal extracts (alfalfa, ligustikuma sichuan) (improves blood circulation and remove dandruff)
healing Infusions (centella asiatica) ( “Wake up” the sleeping hair follicles and recovers lost pigmentation)
HOTFLUX ™ (improves circulation of hair follicles)

Look how it was before and how my hair looks now! Every strand of hair!

I was prepared mentally for not leaving my house for at least three weeks, but surprisingly, the effect of the lotion was visible almost immediately .

Thank God, after only two applications, my poor, battered and dry hair had stopped falling. In a week I realized that my roots were beginning to notice, probably lotion Bliss Hair had stimulated hair growth

Towards the end of the second week of continuous treatment with lotion Bliss Hair I managed to make my hair look more or less normal!

My hair is no longer brittle, is softer, and I had no more trouble my hair, my hair is no longer tangled or breaks. In short, this proved to be not just a simple balm, but a real salvation for my dying hair.

I asked my friend many times where he bought the lotion. At first, I did not want to tell me, but eventually shared with me the link to the provider ‘s website where she always buys . It is impossible to find in any store.

PS Some time later I found an article in a popular magazine, in which he commented about the best solutions for hair. There was an entire page dedicated to lotion Bliss Hair ! A quote from the magazine:

“The absolute leader among natural treatments for hair is and always will be the healing lotion Bliss Hair , which contains components of high nutritional value . These components are only care treatments hair premium quality .

Lotion Bliss Hair has a very pleasant aroma, is easy to apply and leaves no oily hair. The improvement in the health of hair can be noticed after just a few days.

What Is Bliss Hair?

The Bliss Hair Lotion is an innovative complex that takes care of the scalp. This lotion contains natural ingredients that fight against dandruff and prevent their reappearance!

Natural beauty for your hair!

Bliss Hair ReviewRevitalize your scalp Eliminates film.


Bliss Hair ReviewTreats loss of local hair.


Bliss Hair ReviewMakes hair grow and strengthens.


The effectiveness of the lotion has been proven by numerous studies and confirmed by consumers: 98% of men and women are satisfied with the results.

Complete Healing of Your Scalp

Unlike the widely used products based on selenium sulfide, Bliss Hair

  • Contains no harmful chemicals and does not cause hair problems.
  • Guard your own hair longer, protecting the scalp against excessive dryness caused by too frequent hair washing.
  • Stimulates growth and regeneration of hair.
  • Long lasting: a Bliss Hair product purchased at an affordable price allows more than 150 uses!

Clinically Proven

Does not cause allergies or side effects. natural ingredients.

Its effectiveness in the fight against dry skin clinically proven.

Approved by customers
Bliss Hair has received many positive reviews from hairdressers and stylists.

How to use it?

Step 1

  • Apply 2 to 3 times a week on clean hair.
  • Massage gently for 1 to 2 minutes.

Step 2

  • Do not rinse.

Step 3

  • You can then use your products and styling tools.
  • Recommended use: at least 2 months.

Experts Recommend Bliss Hair

Michel Richard Hair Specialist
Bliss Hair is ideal for beautiful hair and healthy with volume. This lotion is based on a blend of natural ingredients. It contains an ultra-nourishing scalp complex: an innovative compound, HOTFLUX TM , as well as natural plant extracts (Fallopia multiflora, avocado, alfalfa, Centella Asiatica and Szechuan lovage). The results are visible after only one week of regular use. It is important to note that the lotion is suitable for men and women, regardless of hair type.

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I also had a sad experience with my hair in my teens ... not only I wanted to be blonde, wanted to be blonder ... And, of course, I kept my hair discoloring, until it began to fall ... Yes, yes ... I not only lost a couple of hair, I started to get BALD ... not the whole head, in various places ... Unfortunately, the only solution was then cut it short
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